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Discovery course

Millau Paragliding School : 1/2 day discovery course !
During one morning, you will carry out your first tests with the school’s equipment (wing, harness, helmet). Then, you will start the piloted run to learn how to take off. You will continue by doing your first jump. Then, at the end of the morning, you will leave for a tandem discovery flight.

Millau Paragliding School : 1/2 day discovery

We offer a half-day paragliding discovery session for those who want to get a closer taste of paragliding. This session, which takes place in the morning on the school slope, is the first stage of initiation to paragliding. You will discover the equipment, do some inflations, play with your wing on the ground. And you will even do some jumping jacks to experience the pleasures of lift!

At the end of the morning, you will leave the ground with your instructor for a tandem flight on one of the sites in Millau. During this educational tandem flight, you will be able to pilot the glider and discover the different flight regimes, make turns, hold a course, feel the air mass and the movements of the wing. Finally, at the end of this session, you will know what makes us so passionate about this outdoor sport. In addition, you will have the information you need to consider training as a pilot if you wish.

If, at the end of this session, the activity attracts you, take the big step by registering for an initiation course.
Moreover, for this formula, it is not necessary to have a licence and a medical certificate.
From 14 years old


Paragliding initiation + Be Cool flight: 180 €.
Paragliding initiation + Be Free flight: 205 €.

Sensation / aerobatics option: 20 €.
Add some fun to your flight! Aerobatics, high angle figures, sensations and G guaranteed!

HD photo/video option: 25 €.

Paragliding equipment rental included.

Paragliding gift voucher: an original idea to give pleasure on any occasion.

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Millau Paragliding School

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Millau Paragliding School
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“Un magical moment”

A surprise paragliding experience full of emotion, very gentle, which left me speechless. A magical and unforgettable moment“.


“A great experience”

A successful first flight for my two teenagers, aged 12 and 16, who only dream of doing it again. A friendly welcome and reassuring supervision. A great experience


“Uniques sensations”

Unique sensations, another vision of the region, listening pilots. We highly recommend it without reservation. Once again, THANK YOU !


“Beautiful setting”

Great experience in a beautiful setting, super pro pilot. After landing you still feel like you’re in the air and you have a smile for the rest of the day.


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