How much does a paragliding flight cost ?
At what age can I go paragliding ?  Discover our FAQ

How much does a paragliding flight cost ? Is it dangerous ? Who can paraglide ? Is paragliding dangerous ?
Our Frequently Asked Questions are here to give you the answers to all your questions ….

How much does a paragliding flight cost ?

From 65 € to 170 € to which you can add a video option for 20 to 25 € and a sensation option for 20 € depending on the flight chosen.

Who can paraglide ?

Anyone can go paragliding, there is no age limit, our youngest passengers are 4 years old and our oldest passenger to date is 84. You will just have to run a few meters to contribute to the take-off. The constraint is rather on the level of the weight, thus the lightest (- of 50kg) will be directed towards a Discovery flight, the others (+ of 50kg to 110 kg) will be able to opt for the other formulas (cf. descriptions of the flights). We also have the possibility to fly disabled people with adapted equipment, in this case please contact us.

Are you afraid of heights when paragliding?

Do you suffer from vertigo? No problem! You won’t have it when paragliding because it is a sensation that only exists when you are in contact with the ground. As soon as you take off, this sensation disappears. I myself, as the person in charge of the paragliding school, am subject to this, yet it does not cause me any concern as a pilot. It’s hard to believe, but have you ever felt dizzy when flying? Certainly not. You can feel a strong emotion or be impressed, which is normal, but no more.

Where can I go for a first paragliding experience ?

Millau is a Mecca for paragliding due to its topography and geography. The surrounding Grands Causses offer us the possibility of taking off in almost any wind direction and the topographical depression where the town of Millau is situated favours the appearance of thermal lift.

Is paragliding scary ?

As a general rule, passengers are more or less tense at the moment of taking off, as in any unknown activity, and this is quite normal! Once you have taken off and are comfortably seated in the harness, you can relax quite quickly and fully enjoy the moment.

How can I enjoy my paragliding flight?

Make sure you wear the right clothing (closed shoes, windbreaker and/or warm clothing and sunglasses for more comfort) and for people who get motion sickness easily, it may be wise to take a specific medication.

Is paragliding dangerous ?

Like any activity, whether it is aerial or not, there is no such thing as zero risk! Do you ask yourself the question when you take your car? As in any activity we take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents: Our instructors are all state-qualified, our gliders are recent, to the standards and revised, we are very attentive to the weather conditions, to the safety margin, to our physical and mental capacity of the day. Paragliding teaches us a lot about ourselves and in particular humility in the face of the elements.

What to wear when paragliding ?

The main point to consider is the cooling due to the speed of the paraglider, as well as the cooling induced by the gain in altitude, therefore we suggest you take a windbreaker and/or warm clothing, as well as closed shoes (hiking boots are ideal but trainers will do), add a pair of sunglasses for the comfort of your eyes and you’re ready!

Is paragliding suitable for children?

We can take children with us if they wish, with equipment adapted for the little ones (small harnesses, helmets, etc.). The weight being an important factor, it is advisable to adapt: for the smallest – of 50 kg we will propose you the flight Discovery in the morning in calm conditions, for the more than 70kgs we will propose you the other formulas, from 50 to 70 kg you will be able to opt for any flight.

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