General terms and conditions of sale 

Field of application

 The “Air Magic” school provides free flight (paragliding) teaching services to people wishing to learn and/or improve their skills in this sport in the form of :

– Discovery flight of the activity in tandem

– Day of discovery of the activity

– Theoretical training on all subjects related to free flight

– Practical training


“Air Magic” is the commercial name of the individual company Patrice GOURDON (director of the publication) – Paragliding teaching, SIRET n° 498 514 728 00043, establishment declared to the Departmental Direction of Social Cohesion and Protection of Populations of Aveyron under the N°01210ET0019, EFVL school N°02939, whose head office is located at 1207B avenue de l’Aigoual – 12100 MILLAU, hereinafter referred to as the “School”, email address:, telephone: 0664805004 , the website https://www. is hosted by :

Société Ligne Web Services

10 rue Penthièvre

75008 Paris


01 77 62 3003


The school is open every day from April to the end of October.

The prices of the courses include :

– theoretical and practical instruction by qualified instructors

– full equipment (wing, helmet, harness, radio for long flights)

– transport during the long flights

In the event of a cancelled session, it will be postponed or deducted from the total cost of the course.

A civil aviation liability insurance is compulsory, it is available in the clubs or in the schools. Our school is certified as a “Ecole Française de Vol Libre” (N°02939) and we can issue you with a federal student licence plus an air liability insurance. When you enrol, you will be asked to pay a contribution to the department for the use and maintenance of the free flight sites in Millau:

 – Licence + Civil Aerial Liability 7 days 34 € or


– Licence + Civil Aerial Liability Student year 51.5 €.

– CDVLA contribution (site maintenance) 10 €.

– League contribution 4 €.

 The subscription to an Individual Accident Insurance (optional) is available from the FFVL.

A medical certificate of “no contraindication” to the practice of paragliding (dated -3 months) is required.

The day is divided into 3 sessions: morning, afternoon or evening.

 Physical fitness

The practice of free flight requires to be in good health and to have a physical condition compatible with free flight. For example, the passenger is asked to actively participate in the take-off and landing sequences during tandem flights (flight run, respect of simple instructions, etc.). In case of questions or doubts, we advise you to contact us or to take a medical advice.

For trainees (except for Discovery Day and tandem passengers), a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of free flight is required.

 Risks and safety

The School does everything possible to ensure the physical safety of participants in the activities. The participant must respect all the instructions given by the instructor, in particular the flight plan. You must be aware of the risks inherent in the activity of free flight, which is classified as a “risky sport” by the Ministry of Youth and Sport.

Whatever the activity, you are asked to wear

– High boots that protect the ankles.

– Sunglasses.

– Warm clothing, even in summer (fleece, trousers, gloves)

– Sun protection, such as high protection cream


The school has a professional civil liability insurance as well as all the professional instructors that the school may call upon. Participants in the activities are required to have Civil Liability (CL) and Air Liability (AL) insurance. The school is able to issue yearly or 7-day student insurance through the FFVL. Air liability insurance is included in the price of the Tandem Discovery Flight and Discovery Day.

As safety and preventive measures are our primary concerns, the instructors have taken out individual insurance covering passengers during tandem flights. However, we strongly advise you to check that your loan insurance covers free flight activities.

 Protection of minors

An authorization from the legal representative is compulsory for minors, whatever the activity.

Except in special cases, the discovery and improvement day activities are accessible to minors over 14 years old.


The flight equipment provided and/or used by the School is approved and complies with the standards in force.

A student wishing to use his own equipment must respect this rule. It is compulsory to wear an EN-966 helmet and to carry an approved reserve parachute. The rescue parachute must have been ‘aerated’ according to the rules of the art and the canopy checked in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. The School reserves the right to refuse its services if the instructor considers the equipment to be non-compliant and/or dangerous for the pilot.


The instructors are professionals holding a State diploma of sports educator (BEES). All participation in the activities is subject to their assessment according to the moral, physical and sporting aptitudes of the participants.

Weather conditions

The activity of free flight taking place in the open air is subject to the vagaries of the weather. Therefore, the flight time, the number of flights and the precise location of the activity cannot be guaranteed. The School undertakes to make the best use of the current weather conditions.

Personal belongings

 The School declines all responsibility in case of loss, damage or theft of your personal belongings. It is recommended that you do not take with you any objects that are not essential to the course, especially valuables.

The taking of cameras may be accepted at the sole discretion of the instructor (depending on weather conditions, space requirements, effective security, etc.) and in strict compliance with the instructions given before and during the flight.

Registration and payment terms

The cost of the course and any insurance taken out must be paid at the beginning of the course. The services not carried out or cancelled will be postponed or deducted from the cost of the course. Registration for activities and services is by reservation only and is subject to availability. The day before the activity, the School will define the meeting place according to the weather conditions and their optimal use. Participants are picked up at the meeting point.

In the case of a group or registration for several people, the subscriber undertakes to make known and approve the information and general conditions of sale and all documentation to all participants. The services due by the participants will be paid directly to the School without intermediary.

The fee includes :

– The teaching service provided by a state-certified instructor (BEES Vol Libre – Parapente)

The price does not include :

– Transport to the take-off site for tandem flights.

– Transport to and from your home or accommodation on site to the meeting point

– Food, accommodation, drinks and personal expenses, additional insurance (civil liability of participants), unless otherwise indicated.


By the client :

For any partial or total cancellation of the services:

– As a matter of principle, and in any case, the number of people initially booked and confirmed will be invoiced.

– Any withdrawal or cancellation of the course less than 20 days before the start of the course will not be reimbursed.

– Any service interrupted or consumed due to a participant or the subscriber, whatever the reason, will not be reimbursed.

Due to the School:

The School reserves the right to postpone any service to a later date, with or without prior notice, if the conditions for safe practice are no longer met, particularly the weather conditions.