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Air Magic Paragliding

Dare the magic of paragliding flying in Millau in a tandem flight with a qualified instructor over the fabulous Tarn valley in the Parc des Grands Causses in southern France. Unfold your wings and take off for a glide over those greats landscapes for an unforgettable experience.


A little story of paragliding…

In 1978 a team of paratroopers undertakes to take off on a steep slope with their parachutes in Mieussy Haute Savoie inventing paragliding. The practice is structured first with the FFP and then within the FFVL in France. Today practiced around the world, the wings have evolved strongly and became much more powerful (in terms of speed and glide) and reassuring. The French distance record is 413 km and the world record achieved in Brazil is 564 km! The practice also tends to the search for lightness among others for the practice of paralpinism, some manufacturers offering a sail + harness to less than 1.5 kg!
The paragliders are now approved according to the EN standard which classifies the sails according to their level of requirement in terms of driving as well as in terms of resistance to the constraints of use as well as helmets and harnesses.

Vertigo ?

You are subject to vertigo? No problem ! You will not have paragliding vertigo because it is a sensation related to the contact with the ground, as soon as you take off the sensation disappear. Personaly subject to it, however, it does not worry me as a pilot. Hard to believe and yet, did you get dizzy when flying? Surely not. One can feel a strong emotion or be impressed which is normal but you won't feel much more.

Inflight Photos/Videos

We can realise inflight HD photos and videos on included 4Gb SD card. All inflight picture on this website were taken like this.
Price 25 € on all flights exepted on the B Cool 20 €.

Can I be airsick ?

Yes it can happen, usually to people who are also sensitive in car travelling. To avoid this, let us know in order to choose quieter conditions for the flight. You can also anticipate taking an anti-nausea medication one hour prior to the flight. The B Cool flight can also be a solution as it is done in the morning before the thermal activity starts.

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Air Magic was created in 2009 and offers training courses as well as discovery tandem flights.
Member of the FFVL (Fédération Française de Vol Libre) under the N°02939 and declared to the DDDCSPP under the N°01210ET0019ET